Recommended reading list for hydrology students

R.E. Joyce: "Portrait of a Hydrologist as a Young Man"
E. Hem & N.G. Way.:" Old man and the Aquifer"
Dick N.S. "A Tale of Three Hydrology Programs"
Anonymous: Chanson d'Arcy" (in French, English translation in preparation)
W. Shake-Speare: " Allís well That Ends Well" (Timeless guide for well drilling and casing)
W. Shake-Speare: "As you like it" (Sequel to the above, with detailed explanation of pumping tests)
Mitch L.: "Gone with the Flow" (An epic account of the contaminant behavior in ground water)

And for the movie lovers out there

A River Runs Through it (unforgettable account of the 1993 Mississippi river floods)